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PERFORMANCE: 2 x 45 mins. Clean or Adult shows. Main Stage or Comedy Club.

Isak Allen grew up as a mixed race, half-Chinese kid in Indianapolis, Indiana. Isak got his Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, then told his parents he wanted to make it as a stand up comedian in Los Angeles. Needless to say, they were not happy!

But now, after a Dry Bar comedy special; becoming a regular (paid act!) at The Comedy & Magic Club and The Stand Up Club in Bellflower; a successful national tour; a web comedy series and being a regular at the world famous Hollywood Comedy Store... they still wish he would've gone to graduate school…

On stage, Isak delivers carefully honed material about being an Asian only child in a midwestern city, his marriage (and divorce), why ghosts can't be passengers in the carpool lane, and a variety of other subject matters.

Isak uses his quick wit and likeable demeanour to riff with the crowd and make sure everybody can relate. Except his parents.