Kolos | The Entertainment Consultancy


HOME AIRPORT:  Budapest, Hungary

PERFORMANCE:  2 x 45 mins

Like many other children, Kolos owned a magic kit filled with a few basic tricks. Maybe this would have been the extent of his magic repertoire, but his brother gifted him a special magic trick for his 13th birthday. From that moment onward, Kolos was driven to make the best magic! 

At 14 years old, he met a famous magician who mentored him for 5 years and taught him the ins and outs of magic. But most importantly Kolos learned how to entertain people. From the age of 16, he attended magic conventions in Italy, England, and Sweden, winning awards and receiving recognition by well-known members of magic society. Later, Kolos traveled to the USA and performed at the most prestigious magic club, the FFFF, and earned a Bachelor of Magic Diploma there. At 20, he performed at the renowned John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Then at 21, he wowed audiences on television in the Got Talent series with his magic skills. 

Since then, Kolos appeared in Katy Perry’s Firework music video, seen by billions and entertained thousands on Scandinavian vessels and at corporate events. Lately he became the first Hungarian to fool the two world-famous magicians: Penn and Teller, in Las Vegas on their TV show: "Penn and Teller Fool Us!"