Chris Cox | The Entertainment Consultancy

Chris Cox is a celebrity mind-reader and award-winning performer of stage and screen. His astonishing mind-reading talents have amazed and amused sold-out audiences worldwide on international tours, Broadway stages, and in three seasons in London’s West End. You may recognise Chris from BBC Three’s award-winning Killer Magic​ ​and CBBC's Chris Cox's Mind Boggling Magic​, ​or from his starring role as The Mentalist in the world’s most successful live magic show, The Illusionists​.​

Chris Cox, the self-proclaimed 'mind-reader-who-can’t-read-minds', has made a huge name for himself as a witty and charismatic performer, charming both the UK and international audiences with his captivating energy and warmth. Chris delivers incredible mind-reading stunts with a silly and mischievous sense of fun, leaving audiences astounded, amazed, and thoroughly entertained. By combining witty chit-chat, psychology, magic, devilish good looks and… lying… Mentalist Chris Cox will make you think that he knows what you’re thinking.