Christopher Caress | Agency Hypnotists | The Entertainment Consultancy

At the very early age of 12 Christopher had a lifelong fascination with hypnotism. Having watched a touring stage hypnotist perform at a local venue in his hometown, he was intrigued by this mind-controlled spectacle and became hooked! 

While he may be a top-notch hypnotic showman, Christopher is a fast-thinking comedian who milks humour out of every situation that arises onstage. He works the hypnotised volunteers like an orchestra conductor, creating a symphony of humour out of diversified routines he creates for his individuals on stage. He challenges audiences worldwide to open their imaginations’ and regardless of whether or not you chose to be a spectator or experience hypnosis first hand on stage, Christopher’s show is one of the most mesmerising night’s of hypnotic hysteria that you will ever witness!